Golden Tips for Succesful Affiliate Marketing (tips 1)

Affiliate sales are hard to make if you don't know the tricks-of-the-trade. It is not easy for the newbies to make affiliate sales and that's why everyone is not sucecssfully earning a juicy affiliate commission.

Readers sniff at the affiliate links and your sales pitch straight away and they will normally skip clicking through the links. If you look at the other side of the grass, successful affiliate markers are telling that we are wasting our time and efforts to earn small cents offered by ppc adnetworks such as Google Adsense. They say affiliate sales is the only true way to earn money for the time you invest online. That's very striking, we spend hours and hours of our time (that we don't account for) to tweak our blogs, read rss feeds, write and comment on blogs - for literally nothing.

Finance people use a term called "ROI" or "Return on Investment" - which is a true measure of success. So, what's your ROI factor of your online efforts (say blogging for example).

First, let us understand what is affiliate marketing?
Affiliate marketing is promoting a product among your readers to buy it. If they buy it from your recommendation, then you will earn a commission for the affiliate sale. Depending on the value of the product and the company that makes the sale, your commission may vary from 10% to even 50% of the sale value. You don't need to create a blog with high quality content, frequent posts, seo, promotion on social sites. In some cases, even if you make only one sale, you will earn your monthly wages.

Affiliate sales can be considered as pay-per-action advertising as opposed to pay-per-views or pay-per-clicks. You will get paid only when someone completes an action (purchase or signing up). Google Adsense started with contextual ads (pay-per-views and pay-per-clicks), then recently introduced referral ads which are pay-per-action advertising.

Pay-per-action advertising is very useful from the advertiser's point of view. They need to pay you a commission only when you help them make money. Here's the harderst thing from your point of view (sales man or affiliate marketer) - readers do not take actions. Or, you need to motivate the readers to take the action to do something. 10% of affiliate marketers make 90% of affiliate sales, and they sell their tricks too.

p.s: you must set goals to be powerful person in ONLINE BUSINESS


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